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Roomioo is the the world’s largest online showroom for Scandinavian design. They show you the entire offer in one place. The latest and greatest from hundreds of Scandinavian design brands from the well-known classics to new and upcoming brands and designers.

Pisisa Webshop

E-commerce in Greenland is something very special. The population is the size of a small city but the area is the size of the whole of Western Europe.

Sociale medier animationer


With animated infographics, the purpose is to create awareness and an obvious way to convey messages in an easy-to-understand way

Index Exchange Online Content Classifier

Automated processes that help Index Exchange validate websites' value as advertising platform for their customers

Novo Nordisk Global Project Framework

Global Project Framework

Novo Nordisk employs 42,600 people in 79 countries and markets its products in more than 170 countries. This places great demands on process management across the organization

Fritz Hansen – Partner Portals

E-business solution that handles B2B sales to Fritz Hansen's global dealer network. The platform is built on the Orckestra Composite C1 platform.

Dansk Retursystem


Dansk Retursystem is a non-profit company owned by the breweries. The company has a monopoly on collecting bottle deposits in Denmark and has a turnover of close to 2 billion annually.


iPad based directory developed for Copenhagen Capacity, an organization that aims to promote development and investment in Greater Copenhagen

Cities Changing Diabetes

Cities Changing Diabetes is a movement where partnerships work together to identify and implement solutions to tackle diabetes in large cities

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is Canada's central directory with access to search and find relevant cancer-related policies. They work with Canada’s cancer control community on many different fronts, to ensure the evidence that is gathered is scaled-up to maximize positive change across the country and reduce the impact of cancer for all Canadians.

Novo Nordisk Business Ethics Compliance framework

Business Ethics Compliance Framework

A global tool for communicating rules and ethics across the organization

Brand central

Presentation tool developed for use by Fritz Hansen's sales representatives

Life science network


Atrium offers education and networking within the life science industry in Scandinavia. We have built a complete ecommerce experience and website on the Orckestra Composite C1 platform to handle their online sales of courses.