Business EthicsCompliance Framework


Business EthicsCompliance Framework

Novo Nordisk TEN/BECF is a global reference work where employees from around the world can find guidelines for proper ethical behavior and rules for everything from business travel and consumption to gifts and potential conflicts of interest.


There are many local variants of legislation and practice when operating in more than 150 markets. In addition to the fact that it is important to always know the current rules and guidelines, you must be able to find out what the rules at a given place have been at a given time. It has also been required to handle decentralized maintenance in 50 languages.


Due to the very specific requirements for functionality, it made sense to develop tailored functionality and user interface dedicated to this case. At the same time, it was a wish that the chosen solution could be established as part of Novo Nordisk’s SharePoint Online intranet, which functions as the central nervous system throughout the organization.

CPH Cloud excel in developing web parts that meet functionality requirements and live up to good practice for SharePoint customizations (the Microsoft way).

The TEN/BECF solution is tailored to target different global markets with different rules. In addition to the fact that it has been required to build extensions of frontend functionality and user load, it has also been necessary to establish a special backend extension that enables a user-friendly interface for easy updating, maintenance and revision history. In addition to the extensive administration of content for many languages ​​and areas, one must also be able to go back and check what ethical guidelines were in place at any given time and area.


The solution is a central and important part of Novo Nordisk’s compliance management processes, used daily by many users in various areas around the globe. Including several countries working with different written languages. We are proud to say that the solution works and live up to the enormous responsibility it is to create an overview of rules and guidelines globally and locally for a huge company like Novo Nordisk.

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