Online content classifier


Online content classifier

Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace with a digital communication platform to offer and sell advertising space in real time. An essential business parameter for Index Exchange is being able to offer a neutral and reliable service that advertisers can trust and offer a transparent service that gives publishers full control over their site and prices.


Index Exchange spent a lot of time manually collecting data and looking at websites to evaluating potential partners to place their customers ads. Each site must be checked and verified on several key parameters, such as domain relationships, traffic, social media profiles, etc.

Index Exchange was looking for a way to optimize the gathering of information for websites and apps by having data automatically collected, evaluated, and disseminated via the API.


All the necessary information is available by combining data from the web pages requesting partnership and various relevant online services. The same sources that have been used so far in the slower, manual process. The new solution is based on CPH Cloud’s ICE process – Intelligent Content Extraction. The method is basically about establishing automated data collection and “Intelligent” evaluation of the collected data.

We put “Intelligent” in quotation marks because it is primarily about banal data mining that sorts and validates sites based on the specified parameters. It is not wiser – but very effective. The process is hugely valuable and effective in assessing the potential advertising potential of the sources. Finally, resource-saving when Index Exchange must ensure that the advertising space lives up to good practice for the site’s performance and character.


The time-saving approach allows Index Exchange to concentrate human resources on value-adding services instead of spending time collecting data.

At the same time, the collected data sets create the basis for new products and services.

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