Networking and learning


Networking and learning

Atrium is a sister organization of the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry and specialists in networking and learning for professionals in the Life Science industry. The company offers various courses and educations within Life Science in both Danish and English. Everything from seminars, network meetings, educational programs, exams and courses.


Atrium offers a wide range of courses and programs in various disciplines. Some courses run over longer periods while others are a single day. Some take place at Atrium’s headquarters in Copenhagen while others take place online, and courses and programs are offered at several different levels and languages. In addition to informing about Atrium’s many offers, you wanted to be able to register and buy courses via So, the challenge was to present these in a uniformly manageable format, with all the different contexts.


The Atriums solution is built on the Orckestra Composite CMS platform, which is largely set up as a web shop, set up with product overview, product pages, check-out, email automation, tracking, etc. tailored to cover all Atrium’s unique needs.

Result undergoes constant development as Atrium refine their data and traffic on the site and has now developed into a fulfilled course universe within Life Science with initiatives such as marketing automation, white papers and much more.

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