Presuno - the perfect tool for live events

When you take your audience on a guided experience, you as a communicator are an important part of the experience. Just as important as what you are showing. Just think how boring it would be if the TV chef only showed what’s in the pot. Therefore, we have developed Presuno, as a presentation tool with the communicator at the center. It gives you the ability to directly broadcast to an audience that needs nothing more than an internet connection. No hassle with downloads or sign-ups.

Film in two directions simultaneously

Using a smartphone and Presuno software, you can film in two directions at the same time, so you as the communicator are in the picture all the time. You can easily and effortlessly change camera direction while filming, so you can choose between being present live in the corner of the screen – or even take over the main screen. It is useful if you want to point and gesture and get involved in the show. This is a huge game changer compared to other streaming tools like Facetime or Zoom. But don’t take our word – seeing is believing.

Mix of live experience and archive clips

There are several benefits to Presuno. You can easily and effortlessly show photos or video clips related to a live presentation. Archive clips can be queued for smooth introduction. Presuno is designed to take the audience on the go. Despite the lively dissemination opportunities where users can ask questions along the way, and the communicator effortlessly turn the image around and look the audience in the eye and answer them.

Planning and managing many events

Via the Presuno admin page, you can create as many individual events as you desire.  for each event you can plan the course of the presentation and place pictures and video clips in que, so they are ready to be shown whenever you want. You can also create keywords for the presentation process, so you are sure to be able to remember topics and details in the heat of the match when you stream live. Each event can then be reused as needed to be the basis for a new event for a new audience.

The audience

The audience is invited via a link. Presuno’s backend can generate two kinds of guest links. Either individual links that can be used by one user only, or a link that can be used by everyone who receives it. E.g., a school class could receive one link that is used by the teacher to show the presentation on the big screen and at the same time individual students can log in from their laptop with the opportunity to comment and ask questions in their own name.

Your imagination is the limit

Some events are more suited for direct dissemination and live settlement than others. But it is true for all of them, that the narrative and thus the narrator plays a crucial role. Cultural events, museum tours and city walks are of course obvious.

But there are many other events to take the audience along with you in a handheld experience. E.g., for a tour of a factory on the other side of the planet or a place where your audience is not allowed. Finally live reporting from a public event as a reporter, cameraman and broadcaster at the same time.

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