Project Description

Roomioo – Scandinavian Design Community

roomioo.com is the largest showroom for Scandinavian furniture design and home decor. They deliver a complete overview of products from more than 100 furniture and kitchen brands across the Scandinavian countries.

The concept

They came to us with a simple request!
How can we keep the entire products catalogue from hundreds of brands in synch, without doing a lot of complex integration to all the different vendors backend systems? And at the same time make sure that the catalogue is up to date in terms of selection and prices.

Our solution was to create a generic set of scraper robots to collect unified product information like product name, description, picture and prices, from relevant public websites that sell or present designer furniture. The data harvest of the robots is funnelled through our ICE system (Intelligent Content Extraction) for evaluation and refinement.

Refining the data harvest

The large dataset is continuously checked for data consistence, duplicates and irrelevant content and the system keep track of the multitude of colour and style variants for each product. Data are automatically aligned and structured for performance, to avoid any complexity and data heavy calculations from the roomioo website. ICE also has a build in halt functionality, that intelligently will stop the import of a faulty dataset and notify key personal. This will allow technical staff to take a look at the potential faulty robots or websites.

Appealing content presentation

The carefully refined data allows roomioo to present users with consistent and visually appealing content. You could call it a search engine with good taste.

To make this possible the ICE system must not only evaluate content, but also automatically prioritise, scale and crop images to generate consistent page views that visually present products at their best

Automated price/currency comparison

To enable products to be compared on price all product prices are automatically converted to one uniform currency to sort the product results by retail price.

Historic data

Daily more than 100.000 products are imported, filtered, sorted and enriched in ICE. All products have a complete history of prices and other changes across time.

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