Always first row

It doesn’t have to be boring or static with a digital live experience. If you are a tour guide at a museum, a teacher at a school or a real estate agent with a presentation, you can use the video software from Online Guided Tours to create a unique online interactive event for your audience.

Keep your audience engaged from a distance!

Presence is often the key to a sublime experience for an audience. But unfortunately, the audience may be prevented from being physically present if they are sitting in another country, if Covid-19 guidelines are standing in the way or transportation is a challenge.

We have all tried to attend events through online video tools such as Zoom or Teams. It’s most often ‘boxed’, stagnant and one-way communication, not engaging.

Professional video productions often require a group of people and a budget. With the video software from Online Guided Tours, you don’t have to worry about that. One person alone can create a unique live video event. The video software is so intuitive and easy to handle that you just have to focus on making the best interactive experience for the audience.

You decide for yourself whether it should cost to participate or whether the experience is free.

During the video event the audience can comment and ask questions. Interactivity and engagement are important for the experience. That, mixed with your excitement and planned materials, is a path to success.

No need to worry about pricing
Don’t worry, you do not have to pay for a development project. Online Guided Tours is a SaaS where you pay a monthly subscription price for expected usage and a start-up fee depending on the scope.

It could not be easier. All you have to do is:

  1. Plan your video event and upload related movies, photos or other material in advance
  2. Create events where guests can sign up and get a link sent to their email.

Do you want to hear more or get a demo?

Contact Jesper Lyngbye for a demo or more info

Do you want to hear more or get a demo?

Contact Jesper Lyngbye for a demo or more info